Dear Camping Guest,

by the receipt of the confirmation of the accommodation agreement is concluded.
By sending the booking form with the confirmation of reservation Conditions of Use, you agree with the following rules here.

Our reservation Conditions for plots:

1. After receipt of the application you will receive a confirmation that your reservation has been made.
2. The arrival and departure date of the reservation request is binding. In case of late arrival or early departure, the period will be charged. therefore Please check on the confirmation data and inform us of discrepancies immediately ..
They 3. let us also changes in the arrival and departure date, number of traveling units as soon as possible with.
4. Upon arrival, please contact your parking space from 14.00 pm. On departure day the pitch by 11.00 am shall be released.
5. If you do not arrive on the information you day, the reservation will expire. Likewise, the right to the reserved space expires.
6. No show or cancellation, we need 25, - provide € handling fee per booked space into account.

Our reservation Conditions for rentals (Caravan and Camping pod)

1. To make a reservation of the caravan or camping pods we require a deposit equal to half of the price. This is confirmed and fully credited upon departure. In case of cancellation until 30 days before arrival, the deposit can not be refunded.
2. On arrival, the rental housing is the earliest from 14:00 h clock and on departure the rented accommodation is to 11:00 h return clean.

Extract of the general conditions in the hotel industry, which was issued by the Section for hotels and related businesses in the German Hotel and Restaurant Association e.V. (DEHOGA):

1. The guest contract is finished, has been once the room (Rental) ordered and confirmed or, if a promise for time reasons was no longer possible, provided.
2. The connection of the accommodation contract commits the parties to fulfill the contract, regardless of the duration of the contract is completed.
3. The host (hotel owner, etc.) is obliged to pay for non-provision of the room (Rental) the guest damages.
4 a. The guest is committed to pay the agreed or customary price for the non-use of contractual services, minus the costs saved by the host expenses.
4 b. The savings amount to experience sets in Bed and breakfast 20 percent, with half-board 30 percent, with full-board 40 percent and 10 percent apartments.
5 a. The host is held in good faith, to forgive undrawn Room (Rental accommodation) otherwise possible in order to avoid losses.
5 b. Up to relet the room (holiday let) the guest to the duration of the contract pursuant to para. Payable 4 calculated amount.
6. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is the place.

Prices subject to change.

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